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Let the games begin - 1

Cards, dice, dominoes, and games pieces create a well-rounded example of fun with games.


This workshop is sure to keep you laughing, and will definitely exercise your brain, your manual dexterity, and your physical prowess. With 15 different games, you’re sure to have a few that will show off your abilities—or not. Who cares? It’s all fun. It's all about you!

let the games begin - 2

Scrambled puzzle pieces in the left head and a completed puzzle in the right head.


How about another day of fun and games? This workshop continues where Let the Games Begin – 1 leaves off. You’ll see a few familiar activities, and lots of new ones too. Change is the theme of this workshop, and we promise to deliver. So, are you ready to take a little time for yourself?

expressive me

A collage of nine different places in the world using the color spectrum for emphasis.


Spend a day in a relaxing atmosphere with no outside distractions. This workshop will stretch you a bit, perhaps taking you out of your comfort zone, but not too far out. This day is one of expressing yourself through your imagination, and your senses, Don't you deserve "me time"?

metaphysical me - 1

The magic of numbers explodes with twinkling lights from a hand.

In today’s world, the word metaphysics is an umbrella for many fields of interest from dreamwork to divination to astrology.  This introductory workshop is sure to entertain, make you laugh, and maybe put a “How did they know that?” look on your face. Join the fun!

metaphysical me - 2

Lotus flowers, a tree, and 7 chakra-colored balls float on the water with birds flying overhead.

The second of our metaphysical adventures is filled with entertaining ideas that will have you wondering about your inner self and the world around you. The day is filled with Viking runes, angels, tarot, crystals, psychic types, and chakras.

Aren't you just a little curious?

metaphysical me - 3

A fisherman collecting glowing orbs from the sea.

 Our third metaphysical workshop adds another layer of adventure. Whether you are interested in the stars, understanding your dreams, or learning what the lines on your hands mean, you’ll have a great time looking for answers and most likely developing some new questions.

What's in Your Vending Machine?


"My Personal Vending Machine" is a seminar all about dreams, where they sit, how to corral them, prioritize them, and determine initial steps to turn those dreams into reality. Life is full of missed opportunities. And although you can’t go back and start over, you can break that pattern by taking a step in the direction you want to go. Just one small step changes your direction enough to create a new ending for you. Are you ready for a change?

Custom company workshops

Fun at Work

Dear Boss,

We the people of this company, in order to form a more perfect working environment, establish camaraderie, insure internal tranquility, provide for the corporate goal, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of a day of fun for ourselves and those who come after us, do request and requisition an Ann Jagger workshop for the sanity of all staff at our beloved company.

Yours truly,

Georgina Washington, Jamie Madison, Alexis Hamilton, and Benjamina Franklin

celebrate my gifts ladies' quest

Celebrate My Gifts logo

2020 Date TBD

Location TBD

This is the grown-up version of the popular Celebrate My Gifts Quest for tween girls. Moms asked for a day like this for themselves, so this year we are offering a ladies' quest as well. You don't need to be a mom to join the fun. You do need to be 18 years of age or older to attend. Click on the logo above to get more information about the girls' program and to register an 8-12-year-old girl. Click below for details on the Ladies' Quest.