inspiring dreamers to become doers

inspiring dreamers to become doers


I provide meaningful workshops where a busy woman can have hours of fun, grow as a person, and manifest dreams and desires.



I provide meaningful workshops where a busy woman can have hours of fun, grow as a person, and manifest dreams and desires.

About Me

i'm a doer. how about you?


Doing is what I'm all about. My entire life has been turning one dream after another into reality. Let me help you clearly move from dreamer to doer. 

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do you know where you're going?


Every dream comes with roadblocks. The difference between those who soar and those who do not is the determination to find a way up, down, around, or through those obstacles. Let me help you soar! 

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Workshops and Keynotes

Ann Jagger with attendees at the 2018 Celebrate My Gifts Quest Luncheon.

As an award-winning author, speaker, and innovator, I bring a new twist on how to conquer your fears of success. Come to an event or contact me, and we can design a workshop or presentation that fits your needs. 

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Keynotes, Workshops, Courses

my private vending machine

Young woman pressing button on a vending machine.

Fulfilling one or more of our dreams can happen with the right mindset, motivation, and tools. People do it every day. With a dose of inspiration from me, your audience will begin to envision what their own personal dream vending machine might look like. Then we add the why, how, what and who to the equation. Finally, we throw in three critical elements and voila, you have a fully-loaded machine waiting to give you what you want.

looking for a speaker, look no further



Looking for a day of friendly competition, then "Let the Games Begin" is the workshop for you.  "What's in Your Vending Machine?" is for those looking to turn dreams into reality. Or perhaps you prefer something more introspective. Then "Metaphysical Me" is where you want to be. 

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The pieces to a business puzzle (course currently under construction)


I've created nearly a dozen businesses during my lifetime. Now I'm creating a course to help people navigate the muddy waters of getting a business off the ground while protecting themselves in the process. 

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Ann Jagger

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