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i'm a doer. how about you?


Doing is what I'm all about. My entire life has been turning one dream after another into reality. Let me help you clearly move from dreamer to doer. 

do you know where you're going?


Every dream comes with roadblocks. The difference between those who soar and those who do not is the determination to find a way up, down, around, or through those obstacles. Let me help you soar! 

Workshops and Keynotes

Ann Jagger with attendees at the 2018 Celebrate My Gifts Quest Luncheon.

As an award-winning author, speaker, and innovator, I bring a new twist on how to conquer your fears of success. Come to an event or contact me, and we can design a workshop or presentation that fits your needs. 

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Celine Dion said it best: Now is your time; It's your life; No one's living it but you; In your hands is your chance to live the life you choose. 

We are all unfinished songs, continuously morphing into the new us each and every day. 

Who are the "Who's" holding me back from realizing my dreams?

What steps do I take to change my current situation? 

When can I expect to see results? 

Where do I find help? 

How do I know I'm making progress?

Why should I bother?

Let's face it. Sticking your neck out to start a new venture, whether personal or business, is daunting, even for someone like me who has been doing it for over40 years. I've simply done it enough times to know that to get to the prize, I need to do at least three things: first, want it badly enough that it haunts me; second, believe I can and will make it happen; and third, be willing to push past the fear and take some sort of action. 

Inspiring dreamers to become doers is my hallmark. Whether speaking to a group or helping individuals get into the nitty gritty of their personal unfinished songs through a unique seminar, attendees leave with the knowledge that they are in control of where they're going and how they get there, along with some tools to make the journey more pleasant.



Fulfilling one or more of our dreams can happen with the right mindset, motivation, and tools. People do it every day. With a dose of inspiration from me, you will begin to envision what your personal dream vending machine looks like. Then we'll add the why, how, what and who to the equation. Finally, we throw in three critical elements and voila, you have a fully-loaded machine waiting to give you what you want.



Looking for a day of laughter with a little friendly competition thrown in? Then one of the "Let the Games Begin" workshops may be right for you.  Or perhaps you prefer something more introspective. Then one of three "Metaphysical Me" workshops is where you want to be. Thinking about a relaxing day of me time? Join us for "Expressive Me" where the day is all about getting to know yourself better. Or go on the Celebrate My Gifts All Day Ladies Quest where reality and fantasy meet for a day of fun.

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