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Ann Jagger aka Annie Morecambe

The Legend of Greywinds


Being a parent today is tough.  For those of you who have children who are very stable and grounded, this book series may simply be a form of escapism and a fun fantasy adventure. For those of you with tweens or teens who struggle with their identities,or other parts of their lives, this may not only be a story for them, it may be a way to begin a journey of self-confidence and self-worth through self-discovery.  Recommended for ages 8 and up

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Isle of Tana


How would you react if you were a teenager being told that you are one of two girls in charge of saving your world from an evil magic that has plagued your world for thousands of years? That is exactly what Fiera, an  antisocial 19-year-old, and Carena, an insecure 16-year-old, must do, or their world will cease to exist.

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land of meena


Leaving the island of many waters, Fiera and Carena find themselves in a land neither of them has seen before. Meena is filled with curiosities and what they uncover here leaves them with more questions than answers.

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fires of edana


Even with additional travelling companions and carrying a ray of hope from what they discovered in Meena, these girls find themselves in a precarious situation. They must risk their lives more than once in this land of fire. Will it be worth the risk? What unknown ability is revealed by one of the girls? Will it help or hinder their progress?

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Winds of Zaria


This land of faeries has hidden dangers and secrets unbeknownst to those outside its borders. Not only must the girls find a way to free themselves from the deadly guardians of Zaria, they must find the remaining keys they seek and figure out how to defeat the evil magic before the suns and moons align.

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storms of assiral


No longer able to depend on each other, the girls must gather their armies and find their way to the elusive meeting place on the barren wasteland. Dangers await them--dangers not seen for thousands of years. Will they all find their way there? Will they decipher the riddle of the prophecy? Will they be able to defeat the destructive magic that is tearing their world apart?

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Catherine B (age 41)

Isle of Tana

 "I love the fact that this book has 5 female main characters. That in itself speaks loads for empowerment for girls, not only the little ones... Someone needs to look at making a movie... Can you tell that I really feel strongly about this? Good, because I do...." 

Colleen B (age 40)

Land of Meena

"...She [my daughter] is not a great reader but when her friend showed her the book, she immediately said that if she had to read a chapter book, then she would be OK with this one... some segments prompted dialog between my daughter and me. That was a pleasant surprise..." 

Sonia D (age 30+)

Fires of Edana

"My daughter was so excited about these teenage girls on this quest. She asked if she could read to me and of course I said yes. I became interested in the story and the characters. I saw how the girls were developing independently but also as a team. I think this series should have some kind of parent guide. I saw teaching moments throughout this book. My daughter and I stopped to discuss them when I wanted her to see someone else was saying the same thing as me. We are onto Winds of Zaria. The book cover alone looks intriguing."

Lucy H (age 9)

Winds of Zaria

"In this book my favorite character was still Jada.  My favorite picture is the illustration of the water sprites at play, they look so funny!  My favorite part is when the Wil-o-wisps mesmerize the warriors!  I have been reading the series non stop since Annie visited my school in May.  I am now on book 5 and will have the series complete before summer vacation." 

Alexis P (age 12)

Storms of Assiral

"...My favorite part of this book is when Lexa learns about her abilities and helps her friends. This is my favorite because it shows how devoted she is to helping save her world. She is very helpful to her friends and also she finds time to clear her mind. Plus she gives them a very sad prophecy. She gives the books a great meaning and without her would be a tragic event."  

Lindsay H (Age 36)


"I started this series with my daughter 3 years ago. Now 10, she wants to read the entire series by herself. Having books with strong female characters with values helps to reinforce what we do with our daughter at home. Kids today sorely need more of these positive role models. I hope Ms. Morecambe writes more books like these. We’ll be waiting."